Private residence, Newry, County Down

Terrace Screens, Infra-Red Heaters

The Brief

Our Newry customer got in contact with Avolon not really knowing for sure what the answer was to the problems they were having with their outdoor space. They live in a lovely house over looking Newry City, and while the view is spectacular, it is very open to wind.

This is where we came in, they want something that cut out wind, but not obstruct their view. They also wanted to be able to put way during the winter when they weren’t in use. Basically what ever the answer, the 3 points the product had to have were; it had to portable but strong enough to stay in one place for 6 month of the year, it had be clear,  allowing the client take in the view when behind them and lastly it had to look smart.



The Solution

Terrace Screens with weighed base. These screens were finished in an Anthracite RAL to match the window frames of the house, and complete glass infills.

The customer also went with a number of infra-Red Heaters, to take the evening chill out of the air.

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