Private residence, County Antrim

Louvered Roof

The Brief

This client had done his homework by the time he came to Avolon looking a solution for his area. He had an area directly outside the main living quarters within the house and he wanted it covered for 2 reasons.

Reason 1, was the summer sun left the living quarters within the house unbearably warm.

Reason 2, was they had a lovely outside space which he wanted to cover, but obviously couldn’t when it was raining. The stumbling block was that whatever the solution was he didn’t want to leave the interior space to dark.

The Solution

Solution was a Louvered Roof, the Louvered Roof when closed is completely waterproof, and when not using the outdoor space the Louvered Blades could be tilted to filter the light into the house.

The complete system was seamlessly installed between 3 wall, leaving no need for front posts. The system is operated through remote control.

‘Totally loving the roof, we’ve been living outside pretty much since it went up. It solves the problems of both summer showers and the 3 to 5 o’clock furnace that put you out of the area on days like this.’

Customer Testimonial

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