Glass Rooms

Glass Rooms offer all the alfresco benefits of open verandas but raised to another level, with combinations of frameless fixed side glazing and slide away glass doors.

Create a natural progression from inside to out with a beautiful glass room. Flooded with light, it offers a smooth transition to the outdoors and a spectacular panoramic view.

Maximum glazing-minimum profiles, our glass rooms beautifully screen off rain or wind, allowing you to enjoy the great outdoors, whatever the weather.

The glass rooms maintain a real sense of being outdoors, giving a feeling of space without boundaries, outside yet well protected.

Our glass rooms are beautifully functional, feeling rich in light and space. Protected from above and from the sides, even if it has been raining you can still enjoy and virtually be in the garden!

We offer Glass Rooms built to the highest manufacturing standards. We use only the finest materials so that you can ensure the very best for your home.

Precision engineered, from high grade, powder coated, extruded aluminium with parts of stainless steel, our quality glass rooms remain rust free and virtually maintenance free adding living space and value to your property.

Make no mistake, our glass  rooms are not intended as a conservatory. Double glazed conservatories will typically add another room inside the house, for customers looking to increase internal room. As such they will legitimately benefit and appeal to some, but to others can be seen as an expensive extension.

Glass Rooms are not about being inside the house or surrounded by window frames. Our rooms are about outdoor living, a modern ‘inside-outside’ space – feeling fully connected with the garden. Which is best? Well some of our customers enjoy both.

Customers point out the appeal of our premium engineered product and also its Elegant simplicity come installation. Our garden rooms involve none of the expected building work disturbances of a conservatory, no trench digging, pipe moving or wall foundations. These modular rooms can be cleanly fitted within just a few days without digging up your patio or garden.

Key Features

  • Stay Outside Longer: The Glasoase  provides solid protection from the wind and rain.
  • Heating & Lighting: Cold and dark becomes warm and light with the ability to have added fixtures in your Glass Room.
  • Inside Shadowing: Perfect glare protection and the option of having a fabric roof fitted as well.
  • Full Surface Glazing: More light and visibility due to omitting the need for frames.
  • Outside Shadowing: Keeps excess heat outside in the Summer.
  • High Quality Aluminium Profiles: Create a graceful appearance, with high levels of stability and plenty of transparency.

All of our blinds are fitted to ensure child safety.

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