Avolon has a vast range of both Commercial and Residential Awnings.

Avolon has a vast range of both Commercial and Residential Awnings. Ranging from Traditional Awnings through to contemporary Fold-Arm Awnings, we are sure to have one to suit you.

Transform the external appearance of your home or business whilst adding value to your property. Avolon have designs to suit all types of establishments, with automatic or manual control, as well as a wide selection of sizes, projections, and materials.

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Fold-Arm Awning

  • The most popular choice for residential fittings
  • Available in Full-Cassette, Semi-Cassette or Non-Cassette
  • Sturdy Designs with Strong Casings
  • Choice of Manual or Motorised Operation
  • Wind and Sun Sensors available
  • Can be operational from your Tablet or Smartphone
  • Anti-Wind lock available
  • Wide range of RAL Colour Frames and Fabrics to choose from
  • Attract Passersby and Increase Turnover
  • Modern Design & Engineering
  • Full Branding & Advertising Opportunity

Free-Standing Awning

  • Ideal for Open Spaces
  • Heating & Lighting can be Included
  • Cost Effective Covering Solution
  • Can be Fixed in to the Ground or Planters to Reduce Planning Permission Issues
  • Perfect Choice for Beer Gardens
  • Provide Customers with a Comfortable, Sheltered Outdoor Space
  • Integrate Heating & Lighting systems
  • Full Branding Opportunity

Drop–Arm Awning

  • Perfect Alternative to the Dutch Canopy
  • Ideal for Office Blocks who Suffer Heat and Blinding Light
  • Housing Small & Discreet
  • Along with Branding, can set off any Shop Front
  • Gas Struts hold the Awning Material taut
  • Are ideal for Shop Fronts, due to the fact they Cater for Buildings with Small Level of Headroom

Conservatory Awning

  • Conservatory Awnings Conserve Energy
  • Can be installed Inside or Outside the Structure
  • Automate Control with Sun Sensors, Timer Controls and Thermal Switches
  • Filters light, creating a Comfortable Atmosphere during the Summer
  • Conservatory Awnings retain Heat in the Winter, offering extra heat insulation
  • Reduce Green House Gases by Reducing Energy Consumption

All of our blinds are fitted to ensure child safety.

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