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Louvered Roof Systems

Avolon Outdoor Louvered Roofs are truly the next generation in contemporary styling for outdoor spaces.

A Louvered Roof System allows you to create an all year round usable space. Infinitely adjustable control is allowed in snow, rain or shine with a flick of a switch or with an automatic weather sensor.

The Louvered Roof is engineered to withstand high winds and heavy snow loads. The system is ideal for any outdoor living area such as patios, decks, verandas, courtyards, restaurants, outdoor kitchens, swimming pools and hot-tubs.

Louvered Roof Systems

A variety of colours, materials and finishes are available to compliment any architectural style.

Units can be either free-standing or attached to existing structures to enhance any area requiring convenient weather control.

Benefits of a Louvered Roof

  • Guaranteed Uninterrupted Use of Outdoor Space: Whatever the weather or time of year, when used with various partitioning and enclosing systems.
  • Extremely Robust: The aluminium construction frame tolerates winds in excess of Hurricane Force 12.
  • Low Maintenance: Occasional cleaning with a garden hose or a soft bristled brush is recommended.
  • Weather Resistant: Sun, rain, wind and snow cover for virtually any space or climate.
  • Lighting & Heating: Options available to enhance your enjoyment of your Louvered Roof.
  • Extensive Range: Of colours and styles to meet your needs.
  • Versatile: A great solution for operators seeking adaptability to boost all year round incomes or home enjoyment.
  • Avolon Fix Screen

    Thanks to an ingenious zipper system, this fabric is wind proof in every position and is insect proof in the closed position. It is a simple principle by which the sun protecting fabric has a special trim with symmetrical zipper. This way, the entire structure is held firmly by the two side channels.

    Ideal for:

    • Privacy
    • Shade when the sun is low
    • Protection against wind, rain and insects
    Avolon Fix Screen view all
  • Avolon Crystal Windows view all

    Avolon Crystal Windows

    In order to maintain the highest level of contact with your outdoor space, Transparent Crystal Windows in an Integrated Fix Screen Fibreglass fabric can be installed.

    This transparent type of fabric is made from PVC (Fire classification M2). The Crystal fabric is welded into a fibreglass screen using high-frequency, offering optimal protection. See right into your outdoor space while still protected from diverse weather conditions!

  • Avolon Loggia Sliding Panels

    You can achieve another look and feel by integrating the Loggia Screen 4fix, Loggia Wood and Loggia Sliding Panels.

    Loggia Screen 4fix can be fitted with the same screen fabric as the Vertical Screens. A warm and cosy feeling is achieved using (Western Red Cedar) blades with the Loggiawood Sliding Panels.

    Choose the aluminium blades with Loggialu for a more striking design. They are the perfect solution for creating a sliding wall or sliding door.

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  • Avolon Glass Sliding Wall view all

    Avolon Glass Sliding Wall

    In addition to the vertical and wind proof fixed sun protection, you can also opt to integrate Sliding Glass Walls to your Louvered Roof. In this development, special attention is given to easy installation and perfect integration, and still allows the Sliding Glass Walls to be combined with an integrated Fix Screen.

    This provides the main advantage of sun protection to be maintained in addition to other important benefits, such as lockable walls to prevent theft and added protection from wind and rain. The fully transparent Sliding Walls not only increases the natural light in your room, but leaves an elegant, practical and stylish finish.

  • Avolon Lighting & Heating

    Integrated LED Lighting, Heating and Sound Systems are the perfect additions to your Louvered Roof System.

    Thanks to these extra features, your Louvered Roof can be used early morning to late evening, all year round. The beam is also available separately. Moreover, these additions can be perfectly fitted after the original Roof fitting.

    Avolon Lighting & Heating view all
  • Avolon Glass Roof Blade view all

    Avolon Glass Roof Blade

    Transparent glass blades can be integrated into the roof. With these transparent blades, more openness is created in your space. This is a way to bring more natural light into the room.

    A total of five transparent blades can be installed per roof section. These can either be put all together in one space, or spread out across the whole of the section.

    Enjoy your light while being protected by a closed roof.

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