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Accessories (Heating, Lighting, Branding & Sensors)

Accessories are the small finishing touches that can make a huge difference to a complete outdoor area. Adding lighting, heating, sensors or brandings can not only add value to the product but also furthermore enhance your outdoor area.

Avolon Outdoors can add LED Lighting to any product whether they are integrated at the time of order or retrofitted to an already existing product.

Avolon Outdoors also carry a large stock of electric infrared heaters, starting at an output of 1.5kw and moving right up 3.0kw per single unit. All operational of either a wall switch or timer switch.

Accessories (Heating, Lighting, Branding & Sensors)

Sensors are also available for most products, allowing a product to operate on the command of the weather, ensuring your customers, family and friends are all protected from harsh elements, as well as being able to enjoy nice sunny days.

Avolon Outdoors’ Branding capabilities will ensure that your outdoor product projects your image effectively. The possibilities are almost endless, from simple logos through to large, complex designs.


  • Avolon Heating

    Short wave infra-red heaters have been developed to meet the requirements of today’s needs for outdoor heating. The heater is weather-proof and is suitable to be used outdoors in any application. They are perfectly safe to be used when raining and continue to work even when subject to intense water-jets.

    Why should I choose an Infra-red Heater? 

    SAFE: No worries about pressurized gas or storing cylinders and unlike gas, there is no annual servicing.

    SILENT: It’s electric!

    CLEAN: No smell and virtually maintenance-free

    COMPACT: Clean and easy to store

    EFFECTIVE: Infra-red warms instantly, giving a feeling of comfort from the moment its switched on

    EFFICIENT: Infra-red warms the surface that it meets, not the air, so the heaters are unaffected by draughts

    ECONOMICAL: Low running costs, calculated at just 11pence per KW hour. Approximately 1/3 the cost of gas heating.

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    Avolon Lighting

    LED Lighting can be integrated into any Avolon Outdoor product, including Awnings, Parasols, Retractable Roofs, Glass Rooms and Louvered Roof Systems.

    • Can be colour co-ordinated to your awning frame
    • Pleasant, warm, white light
    • Highly energy efficient
    • Operating life of 30,000 hours
    • Dimming options available
  • Avolon Sensors

    Wind, Sun and Rain Sensors are highly practical pieces of equipment.

    Analysing the weather conditions and assessing whether to open or close your awning, roof or parasol for you, for such a small component, this sensor can make a world of difference!

    It currently operates when:

    • Wind levels are reach high speeds (product closes)
    • Sun shines directly into the sensor (product opens)
    • Rain is detected by the sensor (product opens)
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    Avolon Branding

    Avolon Outdoors have assisted numerous corporate clients with on site company branding.

    A canopy, parasol, awning etc will not only provide protection from weather elements, but they are also an extremely cost effective form of three dimensional sign-age.

    Avolon Outdoors combine modern technology with the traditional craft of hand sign writing.

    We can also use the latest heat transfer graphics application technology to apply the finest detail of graphics to valances and café barriers.

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