Avolon Outdoors provided four Shade Sails for Geith International, to combat an ongoing light and heat problem.


Our client contacted us because of an ongoing problem caused by their glass ceiling; when the sun was out, an extremely distracting glare came through on to employee’s computers, and a very prominent and uncomfortable heat was felt.


In keeping with the modern style of the building, as well as offering a practical solution, Avolon provided and fitted contemporary Shade Sails. This not only combated the problem of the glare and heat, but also offered a noise control solution as the tensioned fabric softens hard noises and reduces echoes, something that was readily welcomed in a bustling office building.


At its highest point, the roof reached over 10 metres, which made fitting the product not very straight forward. The roof was reached by fitters standing on scaffolding, and it was managed to be completed with minimal disruption to workers and the daily flow of the work day.


Our solution offered protection from the sun, as well as reduced the amount of heat omitted into the building, fulfilling the client’s brief, with the added bonus of noise reduction. From the first measurement to the completed project, it took three weeks to complete this job, leaving the client (and employees!) very happy.