Avolon Outdoors provided a Retractable Roof for Courthouse Bar, Lurgan as a shelter over their outdoor smoking area.

The client approached us wanting a practical and stylish addition to their premises which allowed for an al fresco socialising area for their patrons. With the area being one where smoking is permitted, it was imperative to adhere to regulations and have a space that had a covering that even though was fixed, was able to open and close so as not to be seen as an indoor area.

After delivering their brief, we decided that an all weather retractable roof was the best option to install. The client decided on a electric operation.  Overall, the size of the fixture was 9m wide x 3.3m projection.

A problem faced in this project was that the fire exit door was in the same corner that our front profile ran into, therefore we had to make our front uprights 300ml extra in order to allow sufficient room for full opening of the door. This caused a big obstacle to over come, and working closely with the architect we made sure the pitch of the retractable roof profile ran in line with the building’s existing roof.

The project was surveyed, manufactured and installed within the 4 week time period that was given to us, delivering the client a weather resistant, modern fixture creating more usable space for their business.